feup/msc-thesis.gitMSC Thesis in Software Repository Mining Analytics to Estimate Software Componen...9 months
learning/exercism.gitSolutions for programming exercices at 3 weeks
learning/mongo-vs-elasticsearch-experiment.gitBenchmarking of MongoDB and Elasticsearch 9 months
learning/mongodb-course-m101p.gitMongoDB for Python developers course 9 months
learning/sandbox.gitSandox to learn new stuff 9 months
learning/workshop-python.gitSolution for IEEE Python Workshop to share with participants 9 months
projects/blacklist-serverdensity-plugin.gitAn ancient plugin for Server Density to check if an IP is in a DNSBL 9 months
projects/language-pseudocode.gitAtom Editor Package for a pseudocode language 9 months
projects/rocketchat-nagios.gitNagios plugin to send notifications to Rocket.Chat 9 months
projects/schwa.gitEstimates errors in repositories files by analysing git history data 9 months
projects/whmcs-ifmb.gitIntegrates IFMB payments in WHMCS 9 months
sites/andrefreitas.gitMy personal website 8 months
sites/lista-a-feup.gitWebsite for teachers list election at FEUP 9 months
sites/vim.gitPrototype for vim website 9 months
sites/wie.gitWomen in Engineering conference website 9 months
sysadmin/ansible.gitProject to configure servers and deploy services 8 months
sysadmin/docker-birthday-3.gitDocker birthday 3 meetup 9 months
sysadmin/docker-images.gitMy personal docker images 8 months
sysadmin/nagios.gitNagios project to monitor servers and services 9 months
sysadmin/servers-pages.gitFriendly webpages for my servers 9 months